We’ve already laid it out for you: organic coffee has many benefits — to the environment, the farmer, and you, the consumer.

But let’s talk rain forests for a moment.

Sun-grown coffee has a much higher yield than shade-grown coffee, and grows more quickly. As the name suggests, sun-grown coffee requires full sunlight, so rain forests—where the majority of coffee is being grown around the world—are being clear-cut. Shade-grown coffee, on the other hand, grows within the rain forest. No clear-cutting is required, and therefore it is the more sustainable option for coffee farming.

Additionally, clear-cut rain forests used for most traditional coffee plantations are stripped of their natural nutrients, which leads to the need for chemical fertilizers to feed crop growth, as well as pesticides to protect the plants against pests without natural predators. The Environmental Protection Agency says a vast majority of insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides are carcinogenic, can cause damage to the nervous and reproductive systems, and disrupt hormone and immune-system function. Fertilizers and pesticides are not only unhealthy for the people who ingest them—they also have a negative effect on the environment—contaminating the area’s water supply; damaging agricultural land by harming beneficial insect species, microorganisms, and worms; weakening plant root systems; and reducing concentrations of essential plant nutrients in the soil.

For all of these reasons, Muddy Waters Coffee Co. is proud to bring you fair-trade, organic coffee from small farming operations all over the world.

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