Bolivia, South America

In the past, Bolivian coffee was mainly considered to be of low quality and was only good enough for use in blends of coffee. However, in recent years Bolivian coffee has started making a name for itself as developmental agencies have begun working to provide local farmers with access to resources such as local processing facilities, which help ensure farmers are producing quality coffee beans.

Although the coffee grown in Bolivia only makes up a small portion of the world’s coffee supply, the coffee grown in this region is absolutely delicious. The areas where coffee is cultivated in this region possess ideal conditions for growing some of the best coffee. For instance, Bolivian coffee is grown at extremely high elevations where there are consistently both wet and dry seasons.

The only reason Bolivia produces such a small percentage of the world’s coffee is due to the issues regarding transportation and production methods. This is because Bolivia has a poor infrastructure, which makes exporting coffee a challenge. By the time coffee travels to processing plants and then onward to Chile or Peru, the coffee has been subjected to varying temperatures, which significantly hinders the quality.

As previously mentioned, in an effort to increase coffee production, developmental agencies have become more involved with local farmers. These agencies have greatly contributed through helping to build wet mills in the Yugas, where the coffee is grown. Wet mills help to reduce the moisture level of coffee prior to it being shipped. In addition, the Bolivian government has gotten involved to showcase the potential Bolivia has to produce quality organic coffee. It has also helped with creating new routes for making the transportation of coffee easier. The Bolivian Coffee Association (ACEB) has also worked to help improve quality awareness of Bolivian coffee.

Due to all of the efforts put forth in helping Bolivia with its coffee production, the region has come a long way in recent years. The coffee from this area has always had great potential, but with the improvements in the region’s infrastructure and production methods, coffee harvests are guaranteed to always consist of delicate, nuanced coffee.

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If you prefer organic coffee blends, try one of the following blends that contain Bolivian coffee beans.   

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