The production of coffee in Costa Rica began centuries ago in 1779. The coffee was grown in Meseta Central, which is located in central Spain. It was grown in this location due to its perfect soil and climate conditions for coffee production. Costa Rican coffee was first imported to Europe through route of Arabia, which is where the name Coffea arabica, originates from. As coffee grew in popularity by the nineteenth century, the Costa Rican government began supporting coffee production more by offering land to farmers that wished to harvest coffee plants. This significantly helped the country work towards obtaining more organized production of coffee on a much larger scale so that it was available for export. As a result of the government’s involvement, coffee became a main source of revenue as early as 1829 and due to the demand, quickly surpassed cacao, tobacco and sugar!

As you can image, coffee has played a significant role in the history of Costa Rica and continues to be a vital part of the country’s economy. Coffee has proven to be the country’s number one cash crop for many decades and continues to play a major role considering in 2006, it was the county’s third largest export.

It is no wonder that coffee from Costa Rica is so popular because the beans from this country are said to be some of the best in the world. In fact Tarrazú, a province of San José in Costa Rica, is believed to have some of the most sought after coffee beans in all of Costa Rica. To showcase how popular coffee beans from this area actually are, there is this fun fact. In 2012, Tarrazú Geisha coffee was featured within 48 Starbucks stores and at that time, was the most pricey coffee available through the franchise. If wondering what makes this coffee so special, finer coffee is grown at higher altitudes and Tarrazú coffee is grown at between 1200-1700 metres, which is the highest altitude available for growing in this region. These conditions allow for a blend of coffee that possesses fine acidity, good body and scrumptious aromas.

If you are interested in enjoying quality coffee from this region, try the Costa Rica coffee from Muddy Waters Coffee Co. This light roasted organic coffee is naturally sweet with its caramel undertones, spicy accents and citrusy finish. We promise that Costa Rica coffee will deliver a unique complexity of flavor that you will only taste in coffee from this region.

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