Peru, South America

Peru, a country known for its fair trade and organic coffee beans, is one of the largest producers of coffee in the world. Coffee has been produced in Peru since the 1700s’ so there is a long history of growing coffee. Peru is noted for producing a large volume of coffee that is generated from small farmers so there is a history of agricultural skills and knowledge being passed down through generations of small coffee farmers. These small farmers organize themselves into cooperatives and the coffee is then processed through other intermediaries before it is sold for export.

Almost seventy percent of Peru’s coffee production is from the northern region. Some of the most incredible fair trade organic coffee comes from this area due to the ideal growing conditions and hard work from the farmers. Peruvian coffee is grown at exceptionally high altitudes within the tropical slopes of the Andes Mountains. The high altitude creates coffee that is mellow, sweet and somewhat floral.

If you are interested in tasting a delicious Peruvian coffee, try Peru coffee from Muddy Waters Coffee Co.! It is a delectable light roast coffee that pairs well with a sweet treat such as a brownie, which has similar flavor profile due to the cocoa accents in the coffee.

If interested in coffee blends that contain flavors of Peru, try any of the following blends from Muddy Waters Coffee Co.

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