The featured roast for this month, is our Peru coffee. Like all of our coffees at Muddy Waters Coffee Co., Peru is a USDA certified, organic coffee. This light roast coffee gives off herbal-floral aromatics while packing hints of pungent spice and cocoa accents, which provides a natural bittersweet flavor to the coffee.

If you enjoy light roast coffees, you should definitely give these organic coffee beans a try! The taste of our Peru coffee pays great homage to the country. Peru has a long history of growing coffee where agricultural knowledge and skills are passed down through the generations. It also has an ideal climate for growing organic coffee beans. The region’s climate, soil and altitude provide ideal conditions for producing high-quality coffee. This is proven by the way this coffee’s mild acidity is balanced out by its full body and rustic tendency, which provides an earthy edge to the flavor.

If interested in trying a high quality, light roast organic coffee that is micro-roasted to perfection, try our Peru coffee!

Our Peru organic coffee beans come in variety of sizes (12oz, 16oz, 32oz, or 80oz). If you want, we will even grind the coffee beans for you right before shipment. Just be sure to let us know the method you use for making coffee and we will determine the appropriate grind size and take care of the rest. If interested in understanding the different types of grinds and what machines they work best with, be sure to check out Coffee Grind Guide!

Wake up your soul with Peru coffee from Muddy Waters Coffee Co.

For more information or to order Peru Coffee, click here!

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