There are many advantages of drinking coffee especially, organic coffee. This is particularly so when it comes to your health. As previously mentioned last month, coffee can help you lose weight, but the benefits don’t stop there! Coffee helps in numerous other areas. To get the most benefits from drinking coffee be sure to choose organic!

All About the Helpful Benefits of Drinking Coffee
All About the Helpful Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Health Benefits of Drinking Organic Coffee

Reduce Your Risk of Developing Diseases

If wondering how drinking coffee helps reduce your risk of developing diseases like diabetes, it is because consuming coffee helps reduce disease-causing inflammation. The caffeine in coffee has a positive influence on your immune system, so it helps with your body being ability to fight off and prevent diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Reduce Your Risk of Certain Types of Cancer

Regularly drinking coffee has proven to reduce your risk of developing particular types of cancer. For instance, coffee has shown that it can help lessen the likelihood of developing liver cancer. Although researchers aren’t able to explain exactly why it reduces your risk for liver cancer, they think it is due to compounds. It is believed that these compounds contribute to lowering liver enzymes while inhibiting the progression of liver disease.

Coffee has also proven to help reduce the risk for men developing aggressive prostate cancer.  Research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health also discovered that women who consumed at least four cups of coffee reduced their risk of developing endometrial cancer by 25 percent. In addition, researchers have also made associations between regular coffee consumption and lower risks for colon, breast and rectal cancers.

Another reduction in cancer risk involves Melanoma. In fact, researchers from the National Cancer Institute discovered that people who consume 4 or more daily cups of coffee are 20 percent less likely to develop melanoma. Researchers believe this may be due to the chlorogenic acid in coffee being able to adhere to the enzyme COX-2, which occurs after a person is exposed to UV rays. This helps suppress melanoma from developing.

All About the Helpful Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Off Neurological Disorders

The health benefits of drinking coffee doesn’t stop at reducing your risk of developing particular types of cancer because caffeine also has neuroprotective properties. It is for this reason that consuming 4 or more cups of daily coffee can help you stave off the development of neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The way coffee contributes to reducing the risk of developing MS is that the caffeine in coffee may be able to put a stop to the production of the inflammatory proteins that contribute to its development.

Organic coffee has also been known to protect against neurological or cognitive decline. Scientists believe this is because caffeine helps prevent the buildup of beta- amyloid plaque. This plaque may contribute to the start of neurologic disorders such as Alzheimer’s. There is also the fact that coffee consumption helps reduce the risk of developing diabetes, which is also a risk factor for dementia. Therefore, in reducing the risk for diabetes, coffee is also playing a role in reducing the risk of developing dementia.

Enhance Your Physical Workout Session

Since caffeine can help improve performance and endurance, it should come as no surprise that consuming caffeine before a workout can help enhance your routine. Researchers believe that you will work out harder after a cup of coffee because the caffeine prevents adenosine (a compound in your body) from attaching to receptors. This will lead you to feel more alert and less exhausted. Caffeine also helps strengthen muscle contraction and increase fatty acids in the blood, which both support endurance.

Boost Your Mood

There are many studies that have made the correlation between consuming coffee and feeling happier. This is possible due to the caffeine in coffee, which blocks receptors known to react to stress. Considering stress is related to depression, reducing stress in turn means, reducing the odds of feeling depressed. Coffee has also been known to make people feel happier. This is because coffee can help produce neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline) and therefore, mimic the feel good feelings that someone might get from taking a mild antidepressant.

As you can see, there are many health benefits of drinking organic coffee. Remember to drink coffee in moderation because if you consume too much caffeine, you may counteract the positive benefits. You also want to make sure to drink organic coffee!

All About the Helpful Benefits of Drinking Coffee

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