Exploring Coffee Recipes: Mexican Coffee Recipe

This month’s featured coffee blend contains Mexican coffee beans, so it’s only appropriate to share a recipe for Mexican coffee. If you enjoy drinking coffee and adult beverages that contain alcohol, you are going to love this coffee-inspired cocktail recipe!...

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Featured Roast April 2017: Annie & Mary Blend

If you are a fan of light roast coffee, you have to try this month’s featured roast from the Muddy Waters Coffee Co.! This month’s featured roast is the Annie & Mary Blend and like all coffees from Muddy Waters, this blend is USDA certified as organic. When it...

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Exploring Coffee Recipes Espresso Brittle

Espresso Brittle If you are a fellow coffee lover, you should know that your love for coffee shouldn’t stop at drinking it! Coffee can be used in a variety of recipes including those for breads, candy, muffins, granola, soup, beef/chicken/pork dishes, cakes, roasted...

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Featured Roast: Bolivia

If you are looking for some of the best organic coffee in California, you have to try this month’s featured roast, which is Bolivia. Similar to all coffees offered by Muddy Waters Coffee Co., this Bolivian coffee is USDA certified as organic. Bolivia light roast...

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February 2017 Exploring Coffee Recipes by Region

South American Coffee Recipe Since we are on the topic of Peruvian coffee from South America, why not share this South American coffee recipe? This is not just a recipe for a plain cup of coffee that you spice up with sugar, milk or spices. It is a recipe for a coffee...

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Can Coffee Actually Help You Lose Weight?

If you are a fellow coffee lover, you may be delighted to hear that in addition to offering some health benefits, drinking coffee may also assist with weight-loss efforts. How is this possible? Coffee Can Work as an Appetite Suppressant Contrary to popular belief,...

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February 2017 Featured Roast: Peru

The featured roast for this month, is our Peru coffee. Like all of our coffees at Muddy Waters Coffee Co., Peru is a USDA certified, organic coffee. This light roast coffee gives off herbal-floral aromatics while packing hints of pungent spice and cocoa accents, which...

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Exploring Coffee Recipes by Region

Colombian Style Coffee Recipe While on the topic of coffee from Colombia this month, why not try a Colombian Style Coffee? A Colombian style coffee isn’t just a brewed cup of Colombian beans; it is a sweet treat! If you enjoy sugar in your coffee, you should give this...

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Exploring Coffee by Region

Colombia, South America Since Colombian coffee beans are some of the very best available, it should come as no surprise that in terms of the overall production of coffee, Colombia ranks third in the world for exports. On average, Colombia produces 11.5 million bags of...

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The Benefits of Drinking Organic Coffee

If you are an avid coffee drinker, you are going to want to read this! It is Chemical Free Did you know that of all the foods we consume on a regular basis, convention coffee is considered to be some of the most heavily treated with chemicals? Gross, right?...

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Featured Roast: Deep Blues Blend

This month’s featured roast is our most popular, the Deep Blues Blend. This one-of-kind blend was inspired by Chris’ love of the blues. What makes this organic dark roast blend of coffee so special is the fact that it is full-bodied and intensely flavored while...

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Organic Coffee Holiday Gift Baskets Now Available

Wondering what to get your difficult-to-shop-for Dad/mom/son/daughter/friend/girlfriend/boyfriend/grandma this holiday season? We’ve got some great organic coffee ideas! We’ve prepared five Muddy Waters organic coffee holiday gift baskets just for you—a great last...

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Keep it Simple: Resolutions for the New Year

As the New Year approaches, I like to sit back with a hot cup of organic coffee and think about all we’ve accomplished….and all that we have to look forward to in the New Year. Thanks to our amazing customers, this past year has been truly incredible, with 20-25%...

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