The roast of a coffee bean affects a coffee’s flavor profile—at Muddy Waters, we micro roast all of our coffees in-house in small batches to ensure perfection no matter your roast preference. If you’re not sure what kind of coffee you’re looking for—or you want to know more about the coffee roast of your choosing, read on!

A milder coffee, light roasted organic coffee are lighter in color and in body with a toasted, acidic taste. Although most coffee drinkers assume that darker, richer coffees contain more caffeine, in fact, lighter roasts have the higher caffeine content—they also maintain more of the origin flavors of the bean.

By contrast, an organic dark roasts’ bean flavors are generally diluted by the flavors that come out through the roasting process. Caffeine is substantially decreased during this process as well, and the coffees are generally more bitter, or even burnt-tasting.

Medium roast coffees have more body than light roasts, more caffeine than dark roasts, and the flavor, aroma and acidity of this roast is most often described as being the most balanced.

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