Welcome to Muddy Waters Coffee


If you want to drink the best coffee ever, then you must try Muddy Waters Coffee!!!

It is absolutely amazing!

My personal favorite so far has been the Bali Blue Moon!
Jill, E
Phoenix, AZ


For the last 16 years we have taken the time to choose the highest-quality, fresh, organic coffees that are sustainable, shade-grown, and conservation certified.
We roast our own artisanal coffee daily, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. This is award winning small batch coffee with accolades from organic coffee aficionados and daily drinkers like you.

Try it today–I promise you will be completely satisfied or Reuben will eat a bug.


You can currently find our coffee in 150 retailers and coffee shops, and we provide nation-wide coffee delivery, both wholesale and retail, with all shipments going out within 48 hours of roasting.

So go ahead and order a roast that suits your taste and enjoy a fresh cup of the finest organic coffee available.